Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summertime Special

I'm a huge fan of the seasons, because with each one comes different feelings within me. Each season leaves its distinct impression on me, and every now and then, as I take the time to look around me and to be still, there's a distinct, and amazing feeling that rushes through me that I can't describe as anything else other than happiness.

In winter, its being outside on a cold, clear night being able to see my breath, and feeling the crispness in the air as I look up to the stars and enjoy the silence that only winter can bring, with an occasional dog barking, or car passing by.

In spring, happiness is feeling the excitement of new life and new hope at the prospect of new opportunities and adventures! It's the explosion of color as the white disappears, and the incredible feeling of walking outside to a refreshing breeze or calm warm night and my body doesn't cringe in an attempt to adjust.

In fall, the exhilarating feeling comes from the start of a new football season, both high school and college, and the bright lights that flood the fields on Friday nights at local schools. It's the chill on my cheeks and my nose as I'm outside enjoying the gradual transition of the weather from the summer's extreme heat to the winter's harsh cold, all the while I'm perfectly comfortable in my hoodie and jeans. It's the changing of the leaves colors everywhere I turn, and the sound of the leaves crunching under my feet as I walk.

But tonight it was summer that gave me that euphoric feeling that I've come to cherish, and I was not disappointed. As I was outside playing tennis with some awesome new friends, enjoying the sounds of smooth jazz drifting over from a house across the street, the sun began to set and the temperature reached its perfect equilibrium where it feels just right on my skin. As I inhaled I caught a faint whiff of bonfire smoke, and other smells that make summer what it is. I looked up and, as always, I was amazed by the beauty of the mountains and amazing detail that I could see as the trees stood out against a blue sky. It was then that summer officially arrived for me, and that the feeling of contentment rushed through me.

What an awesome opportunity to be able to live in climate that offers so much change, that I am able to appreciate each season because of distinct feelings that only it brings. Life is good!