Monday, December 13, 2010

"Call to Arms" by Ryan Innes

As of today I've jumped on the Ryan Innes bandwagon.  The guy is a local musician who is incredible! He's on Itunes if you want to check him out, or just check out my Facebook profile.

Anyway, so Innes has a song titled "Call to Arms" in which one of the main lines is "falling in love is just a call to arms." When I heard it at first I had to laugh because I'm 100% certain that the couple of times that I can say I've actually been in love, any weapon I had got lost as it fell to the wayside while I tumbled head over heels down that slippery slope.  I listened to the song again though and really liked the message it puts across.  The song talks about how anyone worth falling in love with is worth fighting for and is worth putting yourself out there, being vulnerable all the while...okay, so I may have taken some creative license on that last little bit, but I'm confident that it's part of the message the song is delivering. I like that it seems to go against the grain of the "Hollywood romance/relationships are easy" portrayal that the media pushes so often, and that seems to be the mindset that so many people have.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm tainted myself and if that is what I'm looking for...time will tell, I guess. In the mean time, I really love this song!

Secret Selfishness

My parents send out a weekly letter to all of us kids every Sunday night via e-mail. It's something they started doing two and half years ago as a way of keeping in touch with everyone, while keeping a journal at the same time. I think it's a great idea, and have come to look forward to their letter every Sunday night.  Being someone who is horrible at keeping in touch with people, it gives seeming consistency in way of keeping in touch with my immediate family as we respond back and forth via the e-mail string.

One thing that my mom (and by mom, I'm referring to my step-mom. Just a clarification for the reader) mentioned in her part of the letter tonight was that she was talking to another woman who had a step-daughter who has never liked her (other woman, not me mum). My mom expressed gratitude to us kids for having embraced her (Now me mum) into our family, since all too often the role of a step-parent is not an easy one to fill. But what really stuck out to me was that my mom then said that we, as the children, had accepted her despite her shortcomings and flaws. Specifically, she mentioned that she realized after marrying my dad and inheriting insta-children (my term, not hers) that despite having perceived herself as not being a selfish person, she quickly realized that she actually did have quite a few secret selfish quirks that she'd never realized before.  Now, I think the world of my mom, and I think she's a saint for marrying a guy with 6 kids, but I found it interesting how I was able to relate to her in a way having had the same experience. 

Relax, I don't have kids, and I'm not married (Come to think of it, lots of my family and friends would feel better if I did, probably)! I'm referring to my mission. I thought I was a very considerate, serving person until I went on my mission, and the Lord asked for "just a little more".  Turns out, it's easy to give when it's within your comfort zone. It's when you're required to stretch just a liiiitttle further that those secret selfishnesses (5 points for making up a new word!) are exposed, or at least for me, anyway.  I felt like the kid on the playground getting hung upside down and shaken until the hidden change fell from my pockets (No, that never actually happened to me).  So having had that indirect, and unintentional reminder by my mom tonight, I think forward to getting married, then to having kids, or even just callings in the LDS church.  It's made me re-evaluate and think to myself about what I've filled my pockets with since I've been home from my mission over these past five years.  My car? A higher style of living than I need? Even just "my" time?...My conclusion?...You may have guessed it. I might need a better belt...okay, fine. A pair of pants with littler pockets.

Do You See What I See?

Haha! Don't be silly. Of course you don't...most of the time. But since I can't get over what an awesome view I have from my bedroom window, I'm going to share what I see with you.

This is one of my happy pleasures in life. Waking up to a view like this. The stillness of the morning, the lights in the distance seemingly tucked back at the base of the majestic mountains, just as dawn approaches...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crunch Time

This is my poor baby after I rear ended a truck yesterday afternoon.  Fortunately, my car didn't seem to sustain much damage other than body damage.  It'll still cost me the deductible and what not, but I'm confident I'll have her back to running and looking great within a couple of weeks tops.

What was really a positive experience for me with this crash is that I realized that while I do love my car, I also realize that it's only a car.  Reflecting back on the experience, the greatest thing I took away from it is knowing that there are things that matter much more in life than my car, or material belongings. They'll come and they'll go, and yeah, I'll appreciate many of them while I have them, but the bottom line is that they're just nice-ties...with that being said, I'm glad I'll still be appreciating my car for many years to come!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Follow Through

One of my greatest weaknesses is lack of persistence. I do not seem to have the capacity to follow through on things long term. I start out focusing on something, but in time, it always fades to the background. It's true, I tell you!

For example, I go on stints of working out, but it always eventually fades into the background until the next time I have the re-realization that I want to be fit and in shape. I'll go for months at a time to the gym, and then will do nothing for months. Same with spiritual goals or just life goals.

It's not that I don't have good intentions, but somehow I have not been successful in learning the art of follow through. I always get distracted. So I made the goal that I am going to do better. I am going to master the art of following through! comes the tricky part. How do I follow through on mastering the art of follow through, if I don't know how to follow through? I truly don't know. Do you?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

I love this mormon message! In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, take a few minutes to watch this: ...or because I'm tired and don't want to figure out how to fix the code so that it fits within this box, you can search for it on you tubes with the title listed for this entry.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Hatred Makes Me Sick

We just watched a clip from "Eyes on the Prize" in my Political Sociology course.  The documentary is about the Civil Rights movement back in the 50's and 60's.  Every time I watch footage from the movements, and I see the brutality that was inflicted on people who were simply trying to be treated fairly (as the laws even said they were entitled to be), it makes me sick to my stomach. To fathom having enough contempt toward a person/group of people to do the kinds of things that many white southerners did to those advocating the Civil Rights movement is just beyond me.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Do you ever take a moment to just stop and think about how incredibly blessed you are?  I know I don’t do it nearly enough. Even when I do, it’s usually more just an acknowledgement to God that I realize I’m blessed, but the mental realization is as far as it goes. You know, like when you mentally know something, but it hasn’t really been internalized?  Maybe I’m alone in this, but I highly doubt it.  At times I just can’t understand why I don’t feel more in touch with God, despite being aware of all (okay, not nearly ALL, but still…) that He blesses me with each and every day. I’ve realized though, and I was reminded tonight, that perhaps I just get too caught up in the rigors and distractions of everyday life; that perhaps I don’t feel that close connection with the Lord often enough, because I don’t take the opportunity to be still, or because I don’t allow myself to really enjoy the journey.  Allow me to expound…

So this evening I was sitting at work, I had just wrapped up my tasks for the day, and decided that before I left, I’d just check and see what new blog postings my friends had posted.  To my surprise, there were 6 or 7 new posts! (I know, what a nerd, right?) As I started reading through the different posts my heart went out to one friend who’s family has had, and continues to have, serious medical problems all through her family this past year. As I read her post and about how her heart is heavy for those who she loves who are hurting right now, and how that is hurting her, I was grateful not only for my good health and the relatively good health of my family, but even more so I was grateful that I have a friend who cares so deeply about her family.   I continued to read about a friend who has been having a “quarter life” crisis and turned to Shakespeare only to realize that the shrew depicted in The Taming of the Shrew had it pretty bad herself. I couldn’t help but laugh inwardly and be entertained by the lightheartedness and amazing wit of this peculiar friend. I read about a close friend from high school and her family experiences as of late and that she found out she and her husband are having a baby girl!  As I sat there reading these blogs in my quiet office, most everyone having left for the day, all around me quiet except for the fan blowing on me and my Pandora station playing quietly in the background, I experienced a feeling that I realized I hadn’t felt in quite a while! As I was sitting there sympathizing with one friend, empathizing with another, and feeling ecstatic for the good news of another, I felt a rush of euphoria throughout me; and I knew at that moment that everything is alright in my life. It’s such an amazing experience to have, and I hadn’t realized how long it had been! My heart swelled at that moment with gratitude for a loving God, and for amazing family and friends. How truly blessed I am!  What I was most grateful for at that moment though, was for the realization that true happiness comes to me in times when I am concerning myself (however indirectly reading blogs may be counted) with those people whom I love, and even more so as I am taking the opportunity to be still and to contemplate on my life and the lives of others.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

As She's Walking Away

There's just something amazing about experiencing something for the first time and absolutely loving every minute of it. What's almost just as good is being able to experience it again and again and being excited each time.

So let's be honest, I haven't felt that in a while with any relationship that I've been in. I've had the opportunity of dating some awesome girls who I've been extremely blessed to get to know and have had some really fun times with; some of them I've even cared about a lot, but to have that feeling of pure excitement where I just can't wait to be around them again, and for it to be something that is exciting and something that I love each and every time...well it just hasn't happened in a while.

I'll tell you what has given me that feeling of pure excitement and enjoyment each time I experience it, as of late. The excitement has come as she's walking away. Yup, that's right, I love it every time "As She's Walking Away" plays on the radio. Zac Brown Band has done it again; they've given me the amazing feeling of being in love with a song all over again. Check it out!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Well How About Them Apples?!

Today was quite the interesting day in way of insights on my life.  Let me tell you about them:

1) This may sound quite odd, and possibly morbid, but today I realized that for the first time that I can ever recall, the thought of dying doesn't make me anxious at all.  Weirded out yet? Muhahahaha....but really, it's not like that. I LOVE life and hope to live to a ripe old age, but at the same time I really like the idea of having peace of mind and peace of heart when thinking about "what if?" Now, I can't remember for the life of me what chain of thought led me to this realization, and it doesn't really matter to me.  All my life I've been a worrier and the thought of what would happen if I died has always been unsettling (I don't think about it THAT much), even though I've never had a problem with death in general. I don't know, maybe I've always just had a guilty conscious from all of my shady behaviors. *shrug* I guess I finally feel that I am in the clear and going in the right direction. Most people will not find this very interesting, but this is one of the insights I had.

2) The other insight I had was not actually mine. It was presented to me by a friend/co-worker of mine who I've known for quite a few years now.  Somehow the topic of my being single came up, and he offered his opinion that I'm not married because I don't know what I'm doing in my life.  Now I thought this was pretty ridiculous at first, but after considering it, it may actually have some merit.  I've often joked about sabotaging myself by going after relationships that I didn't think I could get, and then once I had the chance, it just never worked out for whatever reason.  I'm definitely not saying that my friend's opinion is correct, but it's always interesting to consider the possibilities.

That's all I've got...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Classic Little Diddy

This song is one of my favorite oldies, and warms my heart...and makes me dance.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Severe Frustration

So my last post was mainly in jest, and a bit sacrilegious, but since then I've become severely frustrated by the comment of a co-worker who shows constant ignorance compounded by the fact that they don't know better than to voice their ignorant views to the world.  Don't get me wrong, I believe in the freedom of speech and that people should be able to think for themselves, but for goodness sake, try and actually THINK before you speak once in awhile!

I by no means am a proponent of those with same sex attractions/relationship being joined by law and calling it "marriage".  My religious beliefs are that the term "marriage" is defined as a lawful union between a man and a woman.  I DO believe in equal rights for same sex couples though, and I do believe that they should have the same human rights that everyone else does, and that they should be treated like everyone else, and by that I mean that they should be respected and treated as human beings.

I get so frustrated with those who think they are better than others because of their sexual orientation, or the color of their skin, or the accent which they speak with.  Granted, I make jokes about all three of these groups in light heartedness just as I do about myself and others of my own preferences and characteristics (Point being that I do not show the proper respect, at times, for others that I should), but I do not do it in an attitude of being better than them. People are people and yes, we are all children of God. To love and to treat others respectfully is not to condone or agree with other people's actions, it is simply to act as Christ would act. 

I know that anyone reading this can call me out as a hypocrite on several things I do, and I am okay with being called out when I am one.  But no one who knows me can say that I do not strive to treat those around me as human beings, and that all of my teasing aside, I do not care for the happiness and welfare of others regardless of whether or not they are the same as me. I struggle with some personalities, and many choices that people make in their lives greatly sadden me, just as I'm sure happens at times to anyone reading this, but we should always seek to pay proper respect to those we disagree with. Hatred makes me sick.


They say that patience is a virtue and that it comes with practice...If I had the patience to keep practicing, I wouldn't need to be practicing in the first place, now would I?!  What idiot came up with that saying anyway...I hope it wasn't Jesus.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's All In the Perspective

Things that I was reminded of today...

1) If you think life does.
2) If you think life is is!
3) If you look for a specific answer, often times you miss out on the right answer.
4) If you don't look closely enough, you may not see what you're supposed to see.
5) If you think you're the only one who is experiencing a certain hardship, you're most likely wrong
6) If you think everyone is paying attention to you, it's most likely just you.

Make of it what you will, but what these all add up to for me is that I'm incredibly blessed in my life, and I have the opportunity to help bless the lives of others.  When life is tough and feeling too overwhelming, and it often can feel this way, try a new perspective. It might help you focus in on what you need to see without missing the big picture.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Failures and Second Chances

*Note of Caution: I'm well aware that many may find this post a little cheesy or too sappy. Just fair warning...

As I was reading this morning, my mind began to wander to other areas of my life, as is usual for me while I read.  One of the thoughts that popped into my mind as I noticed my roommate's (and good friend) textbook and notepad on the table next to me, was how excited I am for him to be back in school after 12 years away due to difficulties with health and finances, and many other things.  He's mentioned before the fear of failing, and so as I thought about him stepping back out into areas of life where there are plenty of chances for failure, I felt very elated for him to be taking those chances in hopes of gaining greater rewards.

I reflect back on my own life up to this point, and I always am grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord in my life.  I am quite familiar with the experience of "failing", and the Lord has blessed me abundantly with second chances in my life.  In fact, I remember thinking to myself how my entire life seemed to be composed of second chances in different areas.  Fortunately, although not having perfected any of the areas of my life, I feel that I have tried very hard to utilize those chances rather than take them for least most of them.  How grateful I am for mercy in my life whether it be from a loving God, my colleagues, my peers, my professors (many, many times from them!), my family, whomever.

So, I would suggest that life is about mercy and about failing, but even more so life is about second chances.  I love the line that the dad of a young Bruce Wayne, in the movie Batman Begins, speaks to him where he tells Bruce, "We fall so that we can get back up again."  So if you're like me, and I suspect that many others really are, and you find yourself getting frustrated at times with the fact that you feel like you're failing or falling short in different areas of your life, I'd encourage you to stop and think about what you can be proud of in way of the fact that at least you're attempting; and that as long as you're willing to keep trying, it doesn't matter how often you fall.  Just take a moment, if need be, dust yourself off, and get back up again.  Great accomplishments are on the horizon.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


There is not one thing about this video that I do not absolutely love!  President Uchtdorf (Second Counselor in First Presidency of LDS Church) testifies that we are all inherently creative creatures as we are spiritual sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Current Countdown

18 - Credits to complete this semester
15 - Length of two papers due this semester
10- Days that I have left to complete one of my online courses
5- Research articles to read through so I can write a 5 page lit review by Friday
2 - Tests to take for previously mentioned online course
1 - Research paper for online class

...All in all, it's really not too bad, but right now the countdown doesn't seem like it'll ever end.

Oh, let's not forget "0" in the countdown, which indicates how much motivation I feel to complete the list above.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Excerpts from my day...

Two of my favorite moments from the day were:

1) When I went to use the restroom and one of the waterless urinals had a graphic of a bee buzzing around right where an individual might aim for...I still haven't been able to make the connection as to why the bee is in the urinal. Last I checked I was not pumping out honey...if you know what I mean.

2) As I was waiting for one of my classes to start, most of the students were prepping for a grammar quiz that we were going to be required to complete.  One of the students I overheard said something to the effect of, "Apparently we're supposed to be English majors."...the thought that came to mind was, "Nope, but you should be expected to answer basic questions about your native language. Especially when you'll be writing your capstone paper in this class!"

Perhaps that is close-minded of me (the second item, not the first) however, I'm okay with that.

That is all...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coming to you live from Walmart!

I'm quite giddy at the moment as I type this short entry.  Why, you may ask?  Well because I'm typing this blog entry on my laptop while I sit in the waiting room at Walmart as the oil is being changed in my car.  Yes, that is correct, as the opening menu for a child's DVD continuously repeats the 4 measures of music again and again and again and again...I'm typing nonsense.

I just jailbroke my iphone 4 last night at the constant encouragement of my brother Jesse who swore by the benefits and freedom of doing so.  There's a lovely app called MyWi that will turn an iphone into a wireless router that multiple, yes, multiple devices can connect to for internet access.  Isn't that awesome?! I submit that the answer is a resounding YES!

The only sad thing about this glorious discovery is the realization that the internet speed I'm experiencing right now is about 5 times better than the internet that I had at my apartment for the past year. Yeah, I'm not bitter...

Anyway, an update on my life consists of the same ol' same ol'. Still single, regrettably so.  Just started a new, and my last, semester of my undergrad career in school and am looking to pound out 18 credits worth of school by the time good ol' St. Nicholas comes to visit. Santa, bring me freedom!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Power vs Protection

I was just watching E:60 on ESPN and they did a piece on girls lacrosse in high schools across the nation.  I didn't use to know much about lacrosse, but in the last few months I've come to find out that it is a really cool sport! However, with that being said, part of what makes it so cool is that there is A LOT of contact with players hitting other players with their sticks,  and the balls are solid. One conk on the noggin with that ball, especially when it's being thrown as hard as possible, and you're at risk for some major brain damage! 

Unfortunately, the segment focused on a couple of girls who actually did have the unfortunate experience of being nailed in the head, and dealing with the consequences of brain damage from concussions.  It pointed out that the girl lacrosse players aren't allowed to wear helmets in their sports, because the people over the sport have decided that they can limit the amount of head injuries with better trained coaches and better it just me or does seem absolutely asinine?! Why would you not allow someone to take precautions and put a helmet on their head rather than be at the mercy of the coaching abilities and refereeing abilities of other individuals?! This just blows my mind and seems incredibly irresponsible of those who make the rules and regulations for girls high school lacrosse.  Especially because of the fact that guys DO wear helmets in lacrosse.  I understand the thought process that if no one has a helmet everyone will be more cautious not to hit people in the face, however anyone who has played sports knows that there are times when a person's aim is off, and WHACK another player gets nailed in the head, and let's not count out the fact that you can ALWAYS depend on one hot head who can't control themselves or think rationally and THUD goes the ball against another player's head.  I mean come on!  People's desire to have power and control things makes me mad, but much more so when life long, or even life threatening consequences are involved.  

Monday, August 9, 2010

Watanabe is Japanese for Amazing Friend

Billy's Graduation from UVU April 2010

I had the pleasure of going to Bombay House tonight with three of my favorite people: Lynne, Laura and Annie.  Lynners is leaving us tomorrow night to head out to Michigan State University to become a scholastic doctor of it were.  Now I have a sentimental attachment to good ol' Michigan, especially MSU campus since I served on that campus as an LDS missionary a few years back, but I have an even bigger attachment to my dear friend Lynne and I will miss her tremendously!

I've had the pleasure of becoming great friends with Lynne over the past three years, and as I read her "goodbye" note, that she wrote to me, after I got home tonight, I couldn't help but look back on the great memories we've had over the past two years.  From our fantastic trip to California in Spring of 2009 to just hanging out on Sundays over at her apartment with the rest of our friends doing nothing, Lynne's friendship and the memories as the result thereof will always be a highlight in this chapter of my life. Lynne has always been someone who I could just be myself with and not worry about being judged.  She's always built me up, at times far more than deserved, and has always been supportive of me in whatever I've chosen to do.

Lynne, I'm excited for you and for what lies ahead of you out at MSU! I know that you'll be amazing as always,  and just want you to know that you have A LOT of friends back here who love you and believe in you.  Always keep that in mind, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dentist Visit #1

Dentist visit #1, it's now over, t'was no fun...but I took this cool picture of myself!

Filling 3 cavities! Flossing is important kiddies!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Collective Trust

It occurred to me today as I was driving down Main street how much trust we put in each other as members of a society.  I was in the middle lane as two cars merged into the the lanes on each side of me at the same time.  The only thing that kept me from freaking out was the fact that there were dotted lines on each side of me to keep me "safe".   I find it incredibly interesting that we operate these pieces of machinery that weigh at least a ton each, and the only reason we expect to not be killed by each other is because we trust that others will obey rules that tell us to stay within certain lines, and to use blinkers when change lanes. Just a random though that I had...

Friday, July 30, 2010

There is Beauty All Around

Sometimes I'll be doing my own thing like just now as I was sitting at my desk at work, typing away.  I stopped to turn around, for what reason I couldn't tell you, and this is what I saw...

I realize that with my phone camera there is no way you can see this exactly how I see it, as the setting sun casts a glow over the greenery and brings it to life in exhilerating fashion, but that just gives me one additional thing to be grateful to God for.  Beautiful surroundings and eyes that can capture an image better than any camera ever could. Tender Mercies...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family = Freaking Fantastic!

Jesse's wedding in L.A. (February 14, 2009)

I was wasting away my time on Facebook tonight and started going through past profile pictures randomly.  It was fun to look at past photos and laugh as I recalled many of the moments that the pictures were taken, but I was also filled with an immense gratitude for my family, especially my siblings, as I came across pictures that included them, as well.  I've always believed that the family unit is an immensely powerful influence in an individual's life, whether for bad or for good. The power that family has to shape a person is beyond words or measure, in my opinion.

Although I grew up in what most would probably call a dysfunctional setting (Who am I kidding, I'd be the first to say so), and even though we siblings grew up with half in one parent's home, and half in the other parent's home for most of our lives, it is amazing to me that we all seem to have such a strong bond with one another and love to spend time with each other.  I can definitely say that my siblings are among my best friends, which is something I'm always sad to realize that so many others cannot.

I've had the unique opportunity, I think more so than any other of my siblings to have one-on-one times with each of my siblings.  From my 8th-9th grade years where I was constantly spending time with my oldest brother,  Gordon, to my opportunities of having times during my junior and senior years of high school of being the only other sibling at home with Aubrey or Jesse, to my post mission era of becoming besties (Yeah, that's right, I said "besties. Tender moment) with my youngest seester, Lina; let's not forget all of the years I spent sharing a bed with Daniel.

We've all grown up now and are going about our lives in different areas throughout the western United States, and have ventured into different lifestyles.  We have some pretty heated family e-mail conversations, and definitely don't all see eye to eye on things.  But if there is one thing that I know, it is that my family is the most valuable thing that I can call my own and that there is no group of people I'd rather spend time with because albeit loud, we're pretty freaking funny, and fantastic!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My colon the...moral compass?

I've come to discover that my colon, or whatever body organs are in that immediate area of my body, have become my moral compass, of sorts.  Weird?  You betcha!  It's painful too, at times. 

So as it turns out, my older brother and sister (the two right ahead of me in age) both have forms of colitis.  My assumption is that this came to be because they carry their stress down in their abdominal section, just as I do.  All of my life I've had minor problems with my guts. You know, like the irritable, stomach tied in knots kind of feelings; but in the past couple of years it seems that my colon and co. have decided to take it upon themselves to remind me when I'm trying to go against what I honestly, and most often deep down, feel is the best thing for me to do.  Since I don't ever seem to learn, and I continue to go ahead with what seems logically correct, even though it's against my inner judgement, I've begun to pay a price for it every time I do.  My stomach gets this tightly wound, tied in knots and gnarls, you shouldn't have eaten that type feeling, and my colon, or immediate area becomes very tender and sore.  Even when I have my mind made up that my decision is the most logical thing to do and the best option, I apparently cannot lie to my abdominal section.  I guess it comes down to having to trust my gut feelings more often, or face the consequences of feeling my guts in tyranny until I put up the white flag

...I can't help but wonder if this means I'm a prisoner to body, and what seem to be commitment problems, or if my gut is just smarter than my brain.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Unknown But Hoped For

I haven't experienced a night like this in a long time; I lay here typing this from my bed as it seems to be my only form of catharsis. It used to happen somewhat frequently as a kid/teenager; I'd lay in bed while my mind raced with all kinds of different thoughts, and all the while everything else around me was still except for maybe the rhythmic sound of the dishwasher in the background. Long gone are those days, and yet, here I am all these years later and as the a/c puts out a steady stream of white noise, I find myself finally feeling justified for having titled this blog as I did. In a way it's frustrating that my mind won't turn off so I can go to sleep in order to wake up early enough to stick to my newly implemented routine...effective as of tomorrow morning. At the same time though, there is something exhilarating about it as well. It's in the quiet stillness of the night that I contemplate my future and what it might entail, what I want it to entail, and most importantly whom it might entail. It's in this early morning serenity that I find myself all of the sudden renewed with a hope and aspirations; more importantly, it's in this soothing solitude that I can most strongly feel a connection with God and am able to once again realize His awareness of me.

There's much to be said, I believe, for the youthful innocence that I once again experience as I lay here. From it flows endless possibilities as bounds are broken and Doubt dissipates. There's no time to fear, there's only time to let the deepest and perhaps forgotten about desires of my heart reemerge to the surface of my conscience. The time to dream is now, sleep can wait...

Will This Work

Oh great, I edited my template for my original blog and now it won't work, but this does. Me Thinks that I do not care for this.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family, Freedom & Carrie Underwood: God Bless America!

It's that time of year again; a time to celebrate America and all her glory!  This weekend is great the way the 4th is on Sunday so that the 5th is celebrated as the actual holiday.  This way,  we have a three day weekend.  Always a fan!  Fortunately, my older sister Aubrey and her family came up to visit for Friday and Saturday.  I was able to spend time with them, play some tennis and golf with my brother-in-law Mark and kiss my two  year old niece's cheeks a few times. They're some nice and chubby cheeks too. Perfect for kissing.  

Combine the great holiday weekend, with celebrating freedom, and spending time with family, and throw Carrie Underwood and her incredible performance at the Stadium of Fire into the mix and I'm not sure this weekend can get much better...unless Carrie decided that she wanted to marry me.  I'd definitely be willing to consider that option because I'm a good person like that.  I tell you what, that woman is one attractive and extremely talented individual.  She seems to be pretty bright and have her head on right, as well.  

Overall, life is good.  God has blessed me tremendously to allow me to live in such a wonderful nation that has been able to preserve its liberties through the selfless sacrifice of so many men and women in the armed forces.  I couldn't ask for a better family either. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Value of Quality

I had the chance to ride home from a softball game (we won, by the way) with a really good friend of mine.  I haven't really had a chance to just sit and chat with her one on one any time in the recent past, and it was nice to just talk about whatever.  Needless to say, the question of how each other's dating life is going came up.  I'm not going to pretend that the subject doesn't come up with anyone else I talk to as well, but the difference with talking to her about it was that I felt completely comfortable being open about my thoughts and problems while talking with her. Nothing about my love life, or lack thereof, got solved through talking about it, but just to know that I have a quality friend in her, was awesome to me.  It's something that I value a lot! Fortunately, I have a handful more of this type of people in my life, and I definitely count myself blessed because of it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I just watched the movie Leap Year (2010), from SpyGlass Entertainment, at the suggestion of a very good friend.  Not worth the time unless you want a typical cheesy movie with the same cliche plot. However, I was disappointed for two main reasons that were unrelated to the plot itself:

1) Amy Adams, I discovered, is not a very good actress...or at least, she was not in this movie.  That really surprised me after having seen her in Enchanted.  I was blown away at how perfectly she had played her role in Enchanted, but maybe playing innocent princess is just her forte. 

2) I only watched the movie because this good friend of mine, who happens to be an ex-girlfriend, told me that the main male character reminded her of me; mainly in the things that I would do.  I was a little disappointed to see that a) he was not really good looking, and b) I consider myself to be a whole lot funnier than this guy was. Apparently I may not be quite the crack up that I find myself to be. :D Oh well, such is life.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Once upon a time I sat down to work on my final project that is not started but is due on Thursday. However, the boredom and desire to procrastinate was too much. I could not continue any further. To my delight I happened to spot the name "Hannah Gibby" on my gchat list, and although she had the busy sign on her status, I knew that it did not apply to me. Thus I chatted her to ask her the wisdom in her ways of blogging. She told me that it was her desperation and willingness to flaunt that made her successful in the blog sphere. I thought to myself, desperate....I can do desperate...thanks for the inspiration Hannah! You've inspired me to be desperate! :D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It always amazes me to be able to read other peoples' blogs and see all that they come up with to post. In real life I can talk a long time and not really say anything, but when it comes to putting something down as a blog entry, I tell you what, I just clam up like a fat kid with cookie crumbs around his mouth when his mom is asking all the kids who ate the cookies. Anyhoo, here's to you diligent bloggers out there. I hope to be like you someday, if only in being able to keep a continuous blog. In the mean time, the picture above totally cracks me up. Sometimes you might feel like you're one of the kids holding on (cue Mr. Buble: with everything you've got when life is tossing you around like a rag doll. But when you get done with the ride, there's a good chance you're thinking, "THAT-WAS-AWESOME!" Silly cat, water tubing is for kids.