Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome Warmth

It's not an unusual night. I'm just sitting here in my room, and have been for the last two and half hours as I've been working on my courses...but something feels different.

Nothing happened today that was out of the ordinary...but this isn't an ordinary feeling.

There's just some kind of excitement within me right now that feels fantastic! I feel happy and optimistic about what's in the near future, even though I have NO idea what those things will be.

Possible Culprits:

  •   It's fall outside and I'm loving the weather! 
  • I had a team party tonight and had pumpkin recipe foods ranging from entres to deserts. 
  • Things are changing up at work, and I'm excited for it! 
These are all possible contributors to this welcome elation, but I'm intrigued as to why I'm so suddenly feeling like I'm on cloud 9. Whatever it is that's causing this awesome feeling inside of me, I hope it keeps going!

No worries

For thus saith the Lord: "I will contend with them that contendeth with thee—" -2nd Nephi 6:17-

 ...Can't think of anyone better to have my back.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Kennedy's & The Help

I went and watched the movie The Help with my siblings last night, and it is good! It made me sick to my stomach to be reminded of how much hate people can have and have had toward others.  However, the movie also conveys the power of selflessness and love towards others, as well. It was extremely well done, and I'd encourage anyone to see it, who has not already.

While on the topic of inspring media, I finished up watching The Kennedy's which is a mini-series that my roommate Billy had purchased.  This was also an incredibly well done production, but I came away from this mainly just wanting to talk like the Kennedy's did, with their New England accents and what not. It's wicked Assuhm!