Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Power vs Protection

I was just watching E:60 on ESPN and they did a piece on girls lacrosse in high schools across the nation.  I didn't use to know much about lacrosse, but in the last few months I've come to find out that it is a really cool sport! However, with that being said, part of what makes it so cool is that there is A LOT of contact with players hitting other players with their sticks,  and the balls are solid. One conk on the noggin with that ball, especially when it's being thrown as hard as possible, and you're at risk for some major brain damage! 

Unfortunately, the segment focused on a couple of girls who actually did have the unfortunate experience of being nailed in the head, and dealing with the consequences of brain damage from concussions.  It pointed out that the girl lacrosse players aren't allowed to wear helmets in their sports, because the people over the sport have decided that they can limit the amount of head injuries with better trained coaches and better refereeing...is it just me or does seem absolutely asinine?! Why would you not allow someone to take precautions and put a helmet on their head rather than be at the mercy of the coaching abilities and refereeing abilities of other individuals?! This just blows my mind and seems incredibly irresponsible of those who make the rules and regulations for girls high school lacrosse.  Especially because of the fact that guys DO wear helmets in lacrosse.  I understand the thought process that if no one has a helmet everyone will be more cautious not to hit people in the face, however anyone who has played sports knows that there are times when a person's aim is off, and WHACK another player gets nailed in the head, and let's not count out the fact that you can ALWAYS depend on one hot head who can't control themselves or think rationally and THUD goes the ball against another player's head.  I mean come on!  People's desire to have power and control things makes me mad, but much more so when life long, or even life threatening consequences are involved.  

Monday, August 9, 2010

Watanabe is Japanese for Amazing Friend

Billy's Graduation from UVU April 2010

I had the pleasure of going to Bombay House tonight with three of my favorite people: Lynne, Laura and Annie.  Lynners is leaving us tomorrow night to head out to Michigan State University to become a scholastic doctor of sorts...as it were.  Now I have a sentimental attachment to good ol' Michigan, especially MSU campus since I served on that campus as an LDS missionary a few years back, but I have an even bigger attachment to my dear friend Lynne and I will miss her tremendously!

I've had the pleasure of becoming great friends with Lynne over the past three years, and as I read her "goodbye" note, that she wrote to me, after I got home tonight, I couldn't help but look back on the great memories we've had over the past two years.  From our fantastic trip to California in Spring of 2009 to just hanging out on Sundays over at her apartment with the rest of our friends doing nothing, Lynne's friendship and the memories as the result thereof will always be a highlight in this chapter of my life. Lynne has always been someone who I could just be myself with and not worry about being judged.  She's always built me up, at times far more than deserved, and has always been supportive of me in whatever I've chosen to do.

Lynne, I'm excited for you and for what lies ahead of you out at MSU! I know that you'll be amazing as always,  and just want you to know that you have A LOT of friends back here who love you and believe in you.  Always keep that in mind, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dentist Visit #1

Dentist visit #1, it's now over, t'was no fun...but I took this cool picture of myself!

Filling 3 cavities! Flossing is important kiddies!