Monday, June 17, 2013



Time's been on my mind as of late, where it goes, how it changes things, and acts in so many ways. 

Time is an amazing healer. Apply enough time to almost any wound and notice how the pain dulls and fades away, at times making it seem as though the event never even happened.

Time can bring perspective, and yet it can twist it as well. It's amazing how it can make horrible things seem not so horrible, mediocre things seem great, and work in reverse as well. Have you ever thought back on something that seemed life changing at the time, but in hindsight life went on and hardly skipped a beat? How about the friend who you'd forgotten was so amazing and felt great to be around because time had stepped in between the two of you?

Time can be so cruel, and sometimes we feel like we're a slave to it with not enough hours in the day; yet time can seem like such a gift when there is so little available to us and we can appreciate just waking up each day. 

Time, it keeps on ticking.


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